IAT 805 11/30/2016 - 16 project presentations from Bernhard's “Quantitative Research Methods" (IAT802) course

On November 26th, stu­dents in Bernhard Riecke's grad course on “Quantitative Research Methods & Design (IAT802)” gave their final 5:30-min project pre­sen­ta­tions in the SIAT research col­lo­quium at Simon Fraser University. Enjoy! Here’s the list of speak­ers and topics Elgin McLaren: Attention Retention: The effec­tive­ness of neu­ro­feed­back sys­tems for cueing sus­tained attention Jeff Ens: Music and the role of dimen­sional com­plex­ity in sim­i­lar­ity judgements Arron Ferguson: Choose Wrong, Someone Dies: Measuring Engagement with Ethical Choices and Character Consistency in Interactive Narrative Duc-Minh Pham: Body-based Navigation: A Promising Locomotion Technique in Immersive Virtual Environment. Ray Pan: “Split, Horizontal or Overlapped?”: Comparing Social Presence and Body Ownership in Shared Video Views for Long Distance Relationships Denise Quesnel: Are you awed yet? Objective and sub­jec­tive indi­ca­tors of awe, using vir­tual real­ity content Mia Cole: Time to Relax: No effects to the stress response after short-term use of an EEG-based brain-computer interface. Maha El Meseery: TBD (Will track­ing user inter­ac­tions during visual explo­ration helps improve their analy­sis efficiency? ) Ted Nguyen Vo: Moving in a Box: A Visual Cue for Virtual Reality Locomotion Fatemeh Salehian Kia: Motive or Strategic Student: Comparing 3 Types of Visual Feedbacks on Students’ Performance with Different Learning Styles in Online Discussions Junwei Sun: Assessing Input Methods and Cursor Displays for 3D Positioning with HMDs Narges Ashtari: Exploring fac­tors which affect archi­tects design explo­ration struc­ture in CAD spaces Stephanie Wong: Easy A: assess­ing student’s abil­ity to cheat with smart­watch Abraham Hashemian: Leaning-Based 360 Locomotion Interfaces: How good are they for nav­i­ga­tion in Virtual Reality Serkan Pekcetin: Measuring the Effect of Binaural Audio on the Sense of Direction in Virtual Environments Xintian Sun: Where Was It? Evaluating Spatial Memory in Different Backgrounds from Static and Moving Viewpoints