IDEAS Episode 5: Managing Your Time for Research and Writing - Ms. Kari Gustafson

In this episode of IDEAS, Kari shares her experiences, insights and tips about juggling a life as a doctoral student, a single-mother and nature lover, on dedicating time and being productive for your research. We discuss about how life and research is hardly separated and how these two identities are intertwined whether we want them to or not. Kari Gustafson is a PhD student in the (eTAP) program, Philosophy of Education stream at SFU. She works as half-time faculty at Douglas College in the Child and Youth Care program. Her primary research interest is neurodivergence and social inclusion, and her PhD project is about roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, and what the field of education might learn from them, and from the people who play them. She is also a single parent of two children, lives in a part-time multi-generational household, loves to cook, and does most of her thinking during long walks along the trails on Burnaby Mountain.