IDEAS Episode 4: Importance of Critical Reading for Research - Jacky Barreiro

In this episode of IDEAS, Jacky and Poh talk about the importance and techniques on critical reading for research. Often we reading critically is a skill that is continuously evolving as we read and research more. Jacky talks about the process of reading to get to a place where you feel comfortable to begin to see ideas and connections. Jacky is a doctoral candidate in the Education Theory and Practice program in Simon Fraser University. She is interested in posthumanist and new materialist theories in so far as they provide a new way of understanding the role of humans and nonhuman agency in pedagogical practices. Her doctoral inquiry focuses specifically on the educational implications of posthumanist theories as pedagogical tools of critique. Jacky is the co-editor of the Intraview section of Matter: Journal of new materialist research and the co-founder of the Reading /Thinking/Doing Club which holds discussions about concepts in posthumanism. In the course of her 20 plus years of educational career, she has been a teacher for different grades in the K-12 system in the USA and in Ecuador. At the university level, she has taught in Ecuador, USA, and more recently in Canada. She has also been the principal of two schools in Ecuador: Sierra Flor School and the British School Quito. Furthermore, she has worked as a consultant to the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education. Jacky lives happily with her wife in Burnaby.